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Creepy McGhee says…..


Come sit by the fire children.  Say hello to my little friend.  It’s a beautiful night.  We’re going to learn something…………..

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There’s a drunk guy jumping on the couch!



Nothing Compared To U


I am still very sad about the unexpected death of His Purple Majesty……..Prince.   I still don’t really know what to say about it, except that his music and brilliant originality meant so much to me.  It’s no accident that the background color on this very website has always been purple, and it was no accident […]

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Love Songs For Skeletons

Skeletons Cover-1

Yes brothers and sisters……the brand new album, “Love Songs For Skeletons” is here!   Invisible Grizzly Agenda….the company that just can’t stop giving, brings you sounds and situations and ideas that the garbage men/grocery clerks of the music industry scam can’t deal with.  We know for a fact that most of those freaks can’t even get […]

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Ding Dong! Who’s There? Happy Halloween!


The band that will serve no Wizard Boots Music before it’s time…..Wizard Boots, are very happy to announce that we are 95% finished with our fantastic new album “Love Songs For Skeletons”. There is quite a bit of stuff that didn’t make the final cut, like this little jingle, “The Ding Dong Song” including all […]

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Skeletons Trying To Get Out….No Time To Waste.


Happy summertime humans!  Yes, we’ve come to another important crossroads in the ongoing saga of Wizard Boots.  It is this:   We’ve all got various static in our lives that we’re doing our best to deal with, The Aparicios are like a real life family now, we’ve got too much work to do and never enough […]

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Where We Were vs. Where We Are Now

Ahhhh…..so since you’ve last heard from the wild bunch known as Wizard Boots, a lot has happened.  It seemed we were near the end a few months ago and nothing would ever be the same…..but that’s exactly how it’s supposed to unfold I think.  Always different, but somehow always the same…..that’s Wizard Boots.  Your favorite […]

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Life goes on……As it does…..

So……here’s the sitch.  We were at a kind of stagnated point with the band at the end of 2014.  Wizard Boots thrives on spontaneous chemistry and making unexpected things work when they shouldn’t work……and of course this is hard to maintain over long periods of time.  Tony Aparicio has lasted longer than anyone else ever […]

Laughs……and Ass.

I laugh………and grab your ass.   Laughs………………and Ass.  Something tells me that it’s about to get weird.   You got your pussyjuice……….in my beard.

Eventually Everything Will Happen….

How to explain or make sense of the circumstances, motivations, inspirations, ideas and concepts behind Wizard Boots?   Well…..wherever we are in the world at a particular time is….well,,,,,,where we are at that particular time.  And right here and now is where we are.  The band still exists…..those lovely Aparicios are still involved….and yours truly is […]


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