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Ok…we’ve had plans for two different new albums that have been scrapped for now, but we are DEFINITELY going forward with plans to release a CD/digital download version of a new remix retrospective of Wizard Boots material from the last five years.  Just getting everything together for mixing and mastering, so the track list will be announced soon…the collection will be titled “An Improper History…Five Years On Earth with Wizard Boots” and we will hopefully be able to release our planned vinyl EP with all new songs before our spring tour.   The folks here at Invisible Grizzly Agenda won’t rest until the job is done….now let’s go get a sandwich.  In related news….we are very close to being completely sold out of the first two Wizard Boots albums “Dandelion Blossoms” and last year’s “Ole’ Biscuit Barrel!”….the actual physical CD versions are all that is left before they are OUT OF PRINT…..FOREVER!!! Get ’em at our shows or you’ve missed your chance.  That is all on that subject.

We’re playing this Saturday night, October 22nd in downtown Portland with our good friends SMOKING MIRRORS and HEAVEN GENERATION…the show is at The Tiger Bar on NW Broadway…it’s only a paltry 5 bucks to get in and you should totally be there for our very first gig in this lovely intimate venue!

Thanks very very much to everyone who showed us such splendid hospitality at our outdoor show in Goldendale WA this past weekend….we had the best time playing for you fine folks and are planning on making this an annual October event!  See you again soon…


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