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Project: Garage Exile part 2

And time moves forward….having it’s wicked way with you……and there’s not a goddamn thing you can do about it.  EXCEPT…..do the work.  Do that thing that you were meant to do.  When you’re too old or sick or dying to do anything, you most likely will be asking yourself, “Did I do that thing? That thing I was meant to do?”  And dammit….I’m going be smiling in the end, because we will have done it.  Music is just about the only thing that has consistently moved me in this life, and if I can keep writing….playing…..holding up a sonic funhouse mirror to this beautiful, terrifying, confusing, ridiculous and awe-inspiring universe…..then I will have done that thing.

The Bugger’s Banquet album is coming together…..the heavy rock tracks we captured mid-tour in Arizona at Audioconfusion Studio are now intertwined with the songs that have come together here at Project: Garage Exile over the last month.  Drunken German Waltz…..Porn Folk……Disco Rock…..Stoner Metal Doom…..the new album is a bit of everthing Wizard Boots does best.  Hopefully we can finish it before the stupid world falls apart completely….

A couple of recent developements in the world of Wizard Boots:  We unfortunately have had to cancel our annual appearance at Grampyfest in Washington.  There’s simply too much going on with finishing Bugger’s Banquet, planning a new series of conceptual films AND…..we are very excited about an upcoming change in the band.  This time instead of someone leaving, we’re simply adding a new member.   The new line-up will debut at the end of October.  Stay tuned to this vibration for the latest!


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