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These Boots Were Made For Walking

Greetings fellow citizens of the universe!  The wild and wooly world of Wizard Boots rolls on…the stomp of the Crabbit’s mighty hooves never far behind.  Some recent developments:  Project Garage Exile is officially closed.  We got a lot of lovely madness recorded in two months at The Holladay House including a couple of outtakes from the new album that will eventually be available for free on the Wizard Boots Soundcloud site.  And speaking of the new album, “Bugger’s Banquet” is nearly complete….I know I’ve been saying this for months, but this time it really is.  By December we’ll have a track listing and maybe even an album cover!  In other news, the rumors of a new band member were premature….Wizard Boots is still a trio, with the occasional harp wailings of Mr. Craig King.  We’ll be playing a couple of soon to be announced gigs in December also….and hopefully get down to shooting a couple of new videos.  Gosh and by golly, we just love making those videos!  And now as autumn’s glory enshrouds the breathtaking Northwestern landscape and we hunker down in anticipation of the icy clutch of winter….I say, get ready to get ready.  The world will go on if you want it to….and dammit I want it to.

Here’s a couple of photos from the Haunted Barn Halloween Party a couple of weeks ago…..The MAN shut us down about thirty minutes into the set, but to be fair to The MAN….he was actually really cool about it and even allowed us to play the big boom crash ending of the last note of whatever song we were playing.   Fall into The Fall….see you soon lovelies!


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