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Update on life in Wizard Boots…

So here we are in the year 2013 on planet Earth.  Since this band thrives on chaos, the ever impending threat of implosion and the zen of Nicolas Cage….it’s no surprise that occasionally we step back and look at everything we’ve done up until now and think about where it’s going from here.  Nostalgia…traditions….expectations…..these are all things that make bands boring and predictable.  Even the unexpected can’t be expected in the wild world of Wizard Boots….every single day….I just can’t believe it.  This I promise….we are about to shake things up and rebuild the live band.  It’s gotten a bit boring for me….and I despise boredom.  So….we might be in a weird period of experimentation for the next few months while we find our feet all over again.  I don’t know what’s gonna happen and that is what keeps it interesting.  Stay tuned for stuff pertaining to some upcoming live music happenings and other news.  AND……here’s a review of our latest album “Bugger’s Banquet” from Gizzard Wrinkles’ Phil Rawthstone:

Wizard Boots
Bugger’s Banguet

Review by Lounge Gizzard
a.k.a. Phil Rawsthorne
Editor in Chief Gizzard Wrinkles Gazette

In 1968, the Rolling Stones released their classic album Beggars Banquet. Forty five years later using musical techniques of time travel, Wizard Boots presents Bugger’s Banquet. The album title itself conjures up, (hehe as in wizardry), thoughts of the socially unacceptable, taboo, and risque. As I will attest after giving it a good listen, this is an apt description of the lyrical content. Throw in the word entertaining, and you will be zeroing in on the core of this recording.

In the alternate universe that exists between Christopher Elsken’s ears theme songs to nonexistent television shows, odes to autoerotic infatuation, imaginary penguins, apocalyptic cult bunkers, insomniac sexual deviates, and roasted chupacabras served with Dracula’s spatula all march side by side to the beat of a different drummer. Wizard Boots has one of those, too: Tony Aparicio. No slouch in the humor department, Tony holds his own, even during the madcap hijinx at the end of track 5, The Luddite Stomp. Those guys !!

I also have to add, having personally been to many of their shows- that most of these songs have been developed by being played live. Tracks 2 and 7, “S.T.F.U.Part 2”, and “Complaint Department” are celebrations of unpunished bad behavior – a recurring Wizard Boots theme. Oh my bad ! “Unpunished bad behavior” is just another way of saying FUN. And that’s what Wizard Boots is all about. My favorite song on this album is track 4- “Confessional Gloryhole” – a twisted hoot of a tale. As you listen to this album, maybe apprehensively wondering- “Are they really going to go there ?” -you can expect they probably will.

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