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Arkansas Revisited


The rumors are true….I’m going back to Arkansas.  The company that can’t stop doing these kind of things, Invisible Grizzly Agenda presents a freak rock happening that is sure to freak your shit out.  I’ll be doing an epic solo performance along with a member of the extended Wizard Boots family, Mr. Jim Dick, and we’ll have some very special support from the mighty Miracle Steed and Black Tape.  The happening is happening on Saturday May 24th at Hero’s down on Garrison Ave. in good old Fort Smith Arkansas.  Shows in The Fort are known to get out of hand, and I have a feeling this is gonna be a very special night.

Also….check out our new friends The Underground Show on KFUG Community Radio FM 101.1 down in lovely Crescent City CA.  Our music will be featured on a couple of their upcoming shows beginning this Sunday 4/27.  Jump into the online stream here:  http://www.kfugradio.org/  and follow host Joni Olson on the show’s facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/macabrevoyeur

In other Boots news….the new album is coming along.  It’s like a jigsaw puzzle that’s been dumped out all over the floor…..on a skeleton….and then someone releases honey badgers into the room….and something is on fire too.  Anyway….it’s coming along.  I had a really good psychedelic experience out on the Oregon coast yesterday…..there’s something refreshing about pressing that third eye reset button.  In the meantime, our first Wednesday of every month at The Penguin Pub here in the lovely Sellwood neighborhood of Portland continues.  So we’ll see you there on May 7th and on June 4th.   New shows with a whole new band to be announced soon.  Who’s in Wizard Boots now?  Stay tuned to this vibration for the latest.

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