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Cracking The Code

The process of writing, arranging and recording a Wizard Boots album is difficult to explain.  Some nights it’s like painting in the dark….or stumbling through an obstacle course that you set up yourself in a completely different state of mind…..or getting a blow job from a Mexican prostitute while wearing a condom, which is kind of like riding a roller coaster with a bag over your head.  Anyway, it’s a pretty weird process.  As of today, we have narrowed it down to about 20 songs AND we have a working title and most importantly, we have a concept.  The new Wizard Boots album will be called, “Love Songs For Skeletons” and it will be available for your aural experience in a couple of months.  Our good friend and brilliant artist, Nikai Birchler is collaborating with the Invisible Grizzly Agenda graphics department on cover art….the sound is being sorted out, and well….it’s just an exciting time to be a part of the most improper band in the land.

Thanks to everyone who helped coordinate last month’s show in Fort Smith AR.  Had a wonderful time with old and new friends.  In other secret Wizard Boots news….we just had our first rehearsal with the new band last Friday and looks like we’ll be out dragging the Pacific Northwest down into the gutter this summer.  New sounds and situations coming soon from this gang of gringos…..get ready to get ready.

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