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Meet the new Boots


And we’re back.  After a false start with a different line up, the band is back out there raising hell again.  The newest member of Wizard Boots is Veronica Aparico.  That’s right kids….we’ve got a real live married couple in the band.  Never saw that coming.  Our first show with the new line up was pretty explosive….sexy even……the Amazon woman towered over me, her face hot and sweaty as we reached the climax (of the show)…..makes me excited about what might happen next. 

Work continues on the forthcoming new Wizard Boots album, “Love Songs For Skeletons” …..more to come on that later.  Hopefully we’ll get it finished and released before the fall…..the beautiful summer here in the northwest is proving to be quite a distraction from getting any work done.  Soon enough the weather will cool down and things will unfold as they should. 


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