Magical Musical Mayhem since 2005

Eventually Everything Will Happen….

How to explain or make sense of the circumstances, motivations, inspirations, ideas and concepts behind Wizard Boots?   Well…..wherever we are in the world at a particular time is….well,,,,,,where we are at that particular time.  And right here and now is where we are.  The band still exists…..those lovely Aparicios are still involved….and yours truly is still behind the curtain, trying to find the way to whatever our future may be.  Whatever it is, and for however long we may go between live performances, I am more determined than ever to finish our problematic and ongoing recording project…..”Love Songs For Skeletons”.  I recall an interviewer from five years ago asking me what our goal was, and I said, “To stay alive and keep doing this.”  This wonderfully wild & wicked world can very easily get the better of you…..but we’re still here and we haven’t given up.  Eventually everything will happen…..


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