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Where We Were vs. Where We Are Now

Ahhhh…..so since you’ve last heard from the wild bunch known as Wizard Boots, a lot has happened.  It seemed we were near the end a few months ago and nothing would ever be the same…..but that’s exactly how it’s supposed to unfold I think.  Always different, but somehow always the same…..that’s Wizard Boots.  Your favorite rock n’ roll married folks, The Aparicios are very much still involved with the band and we’ve been doing a lot of things that are not normal near microphones that are plugged into machines with tape rolling.  We are still on our open ended hiatus from performing live, but will return to a stage near you when we’re ready or when we feel like you’re ready.  Although we’re doing so many things differently this time around, I somehow find that this new album we’re working on might be a bridge between the past & future of Wizard Boots…..so much of how we’re working now is based upon accidents and unexpected changes in direction, so it’s hard to say at this point.  The soon to be completed collection of compositions known as “Love Songs For Skeletons” will be what it wants to be.  Very happy and excited to still be here doing this!

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