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Skeletons Trying To Get Out….No Time To Waste.

IMG_0269Happy summertime humans!  Yes, we’ve come to another important crossroads in the ongoing saga of Wizard Boots.  It is this:   We’ve all got various static in our lives that we’re doing our best to deal with, The Aparicios are like a real life family now, we’ve got too much work to do and never enough time to do it all and on top of everything….we all have skeletons inside of us…..and dammit, they’re trying to get out!  Eventually all the skeletons will escape their fleshy prisons, so we have no time to waste.  The new album is our #1 priority and I assure that “Love Songs For Skeletons” is the next logical step in the seemingly illogical maze of madness that is the story of this band up until now.   Whatever happens, there will some live performances of some sort following the album release and then we’ll see what happens.  Hope all of you are having a wonderful time out in that lovely sunshine and hope your skeletons aren’t getting too restless.  See you soon!

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