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Love Songs For Skeletons

Skeletons Cover-1

Yes brothers and sisters……the brand new album, “Love Songs For Skeletons” is here!   Invisible Grizzly Agenda….the company that just can’t stop giving, brings you sounds and situations and ideas that the garbage men/grocery clerks of the music industry scam can’t deal with.  We know for a fact that most of those freaks can’t even get an erection without letting a hooker shove the barrel of a loaded gun in their mouths……folks…..these are sick individuals and we want nothing to do with them.  But hey, back to “Love Songs For Skeletons”…..this band is back after three years with their first double album…..and it has everything…..Skeletons, love, loss, longing, Sellwood, moonlight, loud guitars, screaming, things that were recorded on fire, tacos, sandwiches, goulash, sex, Gresham, Oak Grove, outer space, feedback, synthesizers, Brianna Love, breaking glass, tits & ass, pot roast, the tiniest toast, strange tones, ringing phones and dusty bones.


Download the whole enchilada right here for only five American dollars……or buy your favorite tunes for only 69 cents each.   Yes…..that’s right.  Only 69 goddamn cents each.   All of the streaming site links will be posted soon….for now, support your local Wizard Boots!



We will be doing an album release event on Wednesday March 30th at Home  (719 SE Morrison) right here in good ol’ Portland OR.  More details to come…..we’ll see y’all soon.

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