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Invisible Grizzly Agenda are proud to announce the upcoming reign of sonic terror from our first non-Wizard Boots artists:  BREWHAÜS….beats from the edge of heaven and diabolical lyrical content/abrasive slabs of sound from the depths of hell.  This sinister trio of subversive synthesizer wielding maniacs includes WB commander in chief Christopher E.,  electro-noise mad scientist Phil “Lounge Gizzard” Rawsthorne, former Boots synth bassist Peter Herres.   The group are currently assembling music in an undisclosed location in an unconventional manner.  Nothing will be released for listening until the first live performance later this year.

The group will be posting news of upcoming live performances and other sinister activities here and on the official Brewhaüs facebook page:


Or look us up by our very charming hashtag:   @Brewhaus666Ü

The darkness is coming…..it will swallow you whole and there’s not a goddamn thing you can do about it.  Have a nice day!

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