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Hey friends…..happy holidays!  We heard that it’s some sort of day for giving gifts or something…?   Well the company that just keeps on giving you great stuff has just released the first album from BREWHAÜS, “No Good Can Come Of This”.    This twisted trio of synth-strokers includes Wizard Boots commander Christopher E., experimental electro-freak The Lounge Gizzard and former Boots synth-bass gunslinger/sex symbol, Peter Herres.   Get all 13 tracks of evil goth prog, disco-dancefloor dirges and groovy booty bombs right here for only $6.66!   Just don’t buy from Amazon…..Jeff Bezos is a greedy fucking asshole.


Also…..hear the new record on Spotify or whatever your favorite streaming site might be.  Brewhaüs are like a nasty virus and the internets are infected with their sickness…..

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