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If a Band Hides In The Forest…

What if a band seemed to disappear?  They were just here performing and recording music a minute ago and then they were just gone……for years.  Science has asked this question of falling trees with no one around to hear them, but what if the same logic applies to the band?   If a band hides in the forest, and they haven’t been found….are they still there?   Invisible Grizzly Agenda is still investigating, but at this time it appears that the answer is YES.   Wizard Boots is still out there somewhere in The Psychedelic Forest.   Are they lost?  Do they wish to found?  Or are they still playing a dangerous cosmic game?   One thing is for certain….if you stand near the edge of the ridge near Sellwood Park overlooking the valley below….usually around dusk, you can hear three distinct voices harmonizing somewhere in the trees.   “Hi-HO!” they sing.   We will continue to investigate this strange case of inter-dimensional Hide & Seek gone awry.   Stay tuned to this vibration for the latest.


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