Magical Musical Mayhem since 2005

Vibrations From Another Dimension

The band that just won’t die…..The band that can’t say why…..The band that continues to try.   Vibrations detected from the phantom dimension ruled by Wizard Boots.   Activity…. situations being created…..Sonic explorations…..various recordings coming together.  So what has the group been up to?  Honestly….until the New Year, not a lot.   BUT….now a few weeks into 2020, we find ourselves renewed with purpose…..and fighting against our inevitable progress into older versions of ourselves…..realizations of our limited time to do that thing we need to do.   An album is nearly finished…..due for an early April release, “To Become Only A Vibration”  is a collection of lost album tracks, remixes, unreleased demos and a handful of new tracks that tie the whole thing together.  An album release show is planned for early April as well…..details to come soon.   Other shows and the recording/release of our vinyl EP of all new material may follow in the summer.  Invisible Grizzly Agenda is rumored to be in the midst of writing a screenplay for a feature length psychedelic horror film to be released in December.  So…..too many plans, not enough time.   We will definitely get at least two of these projects completed and unveiled before the year is over.   We hope you are all renewed and digging into positive activities as well and we hope you are finding some kind of happiness and peace in this modern reality gone mad.   Create your own realities as we do…..and don’t ever give up.   Stay tuned to this vibration for the latest and keep on keeping on.

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