Magical Musical Mayhem since 2005

Something’s Happening………

The world has gone mad….more so than usual.  In all of the mass hysteria, we try to continue our work.  Still so much we wish to do…..hopefully we’ll eventually get to most of it.  Speaking of getting to it, we’ve been quite busy getting down to it….recording a bunch of new stuff and dusting off lost and unreleased relics from the Wizard Boots archives.  The new album we’ve been working on is delayed of course…..we shall release no records before they are ready.  In the meantime check out our Soundcloud page…..there are unreleased rarities and re-discovered lost album tracks piling up over there for your streaming and free downloading pleasure.   Whatever happens will happen…..hopefully we’ll connect with you either in your ear holes or face to face soon.    Follow us on Soundcloud and get a new free download every week leading up to the release of our new record, “To Become Only A Vibration” coming this July from the label that can’t stop giving, Invisible Grizzly Agenda.   Here’s our latest minute of madness, ” I AM THE SANDWICH”  


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