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Red Ships of Spain!

Hello friends.  As it goes, we once again have good news and bad news. We are very excited to announce that the recording process of our new record, “Red Ships of Spain and Other Tales of Adventure & Romance At Sea” is complete.    This is sort of the first concept record we’ve done…..a sort of epic nautical story.   BUT as things usually unfold in the realm of Wizard Boots, we’ve hit a major setback in the final mixing process.  The mixes that were done are on a server that has completely crashed and we’re not sure if they can be recovered.  BUT since I’ve never completely trusted the digital realm, I have all the tracks on the master tapes here at The Morrison Hotel Barn Studio. More details to come, but we will stay positive and look at this situation to continue looking at the record to see if we can make it into the masterpiece that we know it can be.    We’re also looking into doing a limited run of 12″ vinyl records! An actual release date and subsequent festivities will depend upon quarantine situations, but we have video streaming capabilities in place if we aren’t allowed to go out and play live for the people.  We hope all of y’all are safe and doing better than just surviving out there…..it’s a very weird & frightening time in the world.   Hold on and try to enjoy the ride when you can….the bad times, just like the good times are fleeting.

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