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So….in the middle of all the chaos and shenanigans of modern life, we have been here working away on various creative projects. Due to computers crashing and other failures of technology, the release of our new record has been pushed back until who knows when….BUT in the meantime we have some groovy new audio capabilities right here at Invisible Grizzly Agenda headquarters, so we figured why not just put out a single with a couple of unreleased B-sides…? And we said…..yes. “Red Ships of Spain”, the title track of our new album, “Red Ships of Spain and Other Tales of Adventure & Romance At Sea” is the new single and it will be out in like a week or something we hope. Anyway….here’s the cover art, and it’s pretty stunning I must say.

In other news, we are also deep into the work on the official Bob & The Dangerous Brothers double album best of compilation, “We Can All Agree On A Giraffe”. It’s amazing, they’re completely insane and just get ready for that if you can.

That’s it for now…..stay safe, happy and weird out there in the wild wild world.

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