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Happy Halloween~!!!

Halloween….It’s really the only holiday as far as we’re concerned. All others are rooted in childish nonsense. The darkness and nightmares of being alive for this long….they haunt me….they attack me daily it seems. My psyche is under constant assault. I bask in the horror, I’m inspired and swimming in it….but also frightened and unsure of where this is all going. I know that you can’t stop what’s coming…..sickness, insanity and death. I wish that I could somehow pass on peace of mind and some sort of common sense to humanity when I’m dead and gone. Don’t know what I’m trying to say…..it’s just a special time of the year for me and my true feelings tend to spill out. Despite all the negativity and doom that is charging the air in this dumb and embarrassing country, I’m still happy to be here….building some kind of life that feels worthwhile with my true love. I’ll post some updates on what is going on with the band and other stuff soon…..we’re still here, I assure you. Enjoy the most wonderful day of the year and try to stay home for the next two months of complete fucking bullshit my friends~!

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