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Get Yr Boots On


Hey hey-mo-Hey now!!! Dontcha wanna attend this fabulous International Rawk Summit?  What a lineup….Wizard Boots will be somewhere in there with our very good friends from across the river, The New Jangles (check out their new ep, The Hoax), Play/Start and all the way from Tel Aviv, Israel… TV Buddhas!  That’s next Sunday, Oct. 3rd…Backspace (115 NW 5th Ave.  downtown PDX)…show starts at 8pm… Only 5 bucks…all ages welcome….surely nowhere better to be in Portland on this night!

A bunch of other situations and schemes are in the works here at Invisible Grizzly Agenda….two brand new Wizard Boots T-shirt designs will be available in the next day or so!…keep your eye on the IGA Online Store for details.  A couple of new videos are being planned as well….possibly some new mp3 releases….the limited first edition of Ole’ Biscuit Barrel! is going fast, so better get yours while the gettin’ is good…reissue of Dandelion Blossoms out before Halloween….and some interesting shows will continue to bring us out there face to face with our fellow humankind, so for fucks sake…get free from the oppressive disconnection that technology has unleashed and keep loud, sweaty, dirty & unpredictable HUMAN interaction alive!

And btw…the mighty master of the web, Dieselboi has activated a powerful new spam filter on this site so I don’t have to wade though the digital fecal matter thrown around by all of you internet spammers….I don’t miss you….and you can all go fuck yourselves!

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