Magical Musical Mayhem since 2005


A cat purrs….it’s a rainy night….floorboards creaking…..glass breaks…..a rock n’ roll flower arrangement.   Guitars, drums, the primal heartbeat, high velocity tall tales, sounds of confusion and madness, love, loss, longing, laughterbootsdada and the pure white noise adrenaline of  the forbidden drink and drug fueled sex music.  We live in the moment… for the moment ….infiltrating whatever musical space we wish to use to our advantage.      Metaphysical folk…psychedelic rock…spaghetti western/surf soundtracks…stoner metal…twisted soundscapes and audio collages that march to no beat…marching leads to fascism after all.  Faithful to no single genre, but hell bent on continuing our search for….something.  We go forward in this world of the backward….building odd & fragmented sonic sculptures that crawl from the primordial vibrating ooze and dance about…live performances that can’t be explained, excused or examined…they just exist….a virtual labyrinth out of the band’s psyche and into yours….a colonic irrigation to flush out the fashion rock scene and other scenes with undigested meat problems…a musical virus sent to infect the so called “indie” scene and save them from disappearing up their own buttholes…. Forever forsaking “cool” in favor of “righteous”….Wizard Boots is a band in perpetual flux, constantly seeking out it’s own sounds and situations…..looking for the ridiculous in everything…. and finding it…. obsessed with the unlikely …. fascinated with the cracks in reality, the things crawling beneath overturned rocks, the ooze of life, the peaks and valleys of the psyche that America hides in the cellar….this is a band that believes you don’t necessarily have to suffer for your art….you just have to live.