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“Metaphysical folk?  Rock? Punk?  Stop guessing.  It’s loud, it’s crazy and it’s cool.”  –Braxton Pollard (The Current)

Christopher Elsken has been keeping his far-out band Wizard Boots going for years, creeping out of the woodwork just enough to keep everyone looking over their shoulders.  And with that, he now offers up a collection of outtakes, remixes and remasters called “Five Years On Earth With Wizard Boots…An Improper History”, which should only add to the band’s freak mystique.  Choice cuts like “Retarded Love” and “Yogurt” are present and accounted for, along with 19 others that pile silliness inside tasty, rock n’ roll shit sandwiches.  As would be expected, Wizard Boots offer an off-kilter take on rock from the past three decades – which is to say, drugs have been very kind to these guys and the music they love.  –Mark Lore (Portland Mercury)

Behind the Robyn Hitchcock accents and the lo-fi aesthetic, there’s a sweet & sour sense of humor that keeps Wizard Boots compelling.  –Casey Jarman (Willamette Week)

Portland’s own Wizard Boots—the best in sludge-metal-psyche-pop (the best I can do to categorize these guys)—are taking off on a tour of the southwest to promote the release of their new record Five Years on Earth With Wizard Boots…An Improper History, a 21 track album featuring a smattering of unreleased, remixed, and remastered songs. It is currently available on iTunes and Amazon. The Boots’ live performance never disappoints. They’re as heavy as the Melvins and as super-sonic as the Butthole Surfers, and somehow a tripped out element of Spinal Tap makes it into their sound as well. With hard rocking songs about tiny toast, customer service calls, and probiotics, Wizard Boots proves that a band can be hard as nails and still maintain a sense of humor. If you’re down south or know anyone down there, check ‘em out or spread the word. They’ll be back into Portland on May 17th to weird up Dante’s.   —Nick Hilden (SSG Music)

“Wizard Boots  mastermind, Christopher Elsken and his cohorts throw down a serious gob of genre-melding music in this latest release.  Personally crafted studio work and intricately wrought concepts make this a unique recording.  Anyone that has seen this band perform live cannot deny the volume of entertainment therein.  Growling lyrics, feigned Monty Pythonisms and Donovanesque vocalizations grab the listener by the short hairs.  Once poised, a “one-two” combination of Hawkwind inspired guitars and punchy drums pull the rug out.  Drama!  Comedy!  Head-spinning meanings and cuss words !   Oh My!!!  My head bobs like a chicken’s during the breakdown of  “Yogurt”,  a simultaneous homage to Howling Wolf and The Butthole Surfers.   In storytelling style, Wizard Boots lets you know that when it comes to pandering to the mainstream, they don’t give a “Fuck About That”- as their song title states.  As omnipresent in Portland as a street urchin in Calcutta yet as mysterious as Nostradamus forgeries.” –Lounge Gizzard (Editor In Chief -GIZZARD WRINKLES)

[WIZARD ROCK]  Local freak-pop trio Wizard Boots hasn’t quite finished it’s new album “Ole’ Biscuit Barrel!”–but that’s not stopping it from holding a “CD release extravaganza,” ready or not.  I’d expect nothing less from a band that sounds something like if Mark E. Smith joined the Elephant 6 Collective and added a rubber chicken.  What I’ve heard from the album runs from moments of Brian Jonestown Massacre-esque madness on cuts like “Fuckabouthat” to punk blues breakdowns on “Contra Costa County” with plenty of psychedelic trumpet solos in between.  To make up for the possible lack of an actual CD to release, the band will be joined by a few former Wizards, so some freaky fun is guaranteed either way. –RUTH BROWN (Willamette Week)

“Wizard Boots is a musical genius who’s fallen from an ancient cloud that hovered over a magical land…” –Pinkprancer.com

“Think Hank Williams channeling Mike Patton.” –Cosmic Charlie, OurPDX.com

“Love it.  Best website ever!” –Marianly Mendez, Fox News

“They’re from Portland, so they must be proven (heh!).  Twangy tall tales sung in a faux (maybe) British accent….it’s Billy Childish…or Jilted John!” –Tucson Weekly

“Wizard Boots possess that Ween-like or Flaming Lips-like quality of mimicking various genres within their own psychedelic formulation—the majority of which comes out sounding almost like David Bowie covering Tenacious D (“Who Snatched the Baby Jesus?”). For good measure, there’s some Butthole Surfers-style lunacy buried in there, demonstrated on songs like “Yogurt.” In their stronger moments, they sound like what Black Lips might sound like when they grow up. Wizard Boot’s slowed-down, Southern-flavored, acoustic-based jams like “Ten Years (3,650 Days)” and “Retarded Love” sound like they’re from an unearthed time machine in Atlanta, especially while reciting lyrics like, “Let’s go behind this dumpster so we can make out.” If you like your music weird (and especially if you have a mega-crush on Mike Patton), this band is a band you’ll love.”   — KURT PRUTSMAN (Portland Murcury)



Excerpts from An Interview with Motor Jeffries of OurPDX.com:

Motor Jeffries: Who has the worst smelling socks in the van?

Christopher Elsken:  Hmmmm . . . we don’t smell each other’s socks. What kind of interview is this?

MJ: Did you learn anything at the porn store that makes it easier to be a touring musician?

CE: Yes I did. How to trade oxycodone pills to truckers at truckstops for their glorious trucker speed. Actually I might have learned that at truck stops . . . but I sharpened my skills of negotiating with unsavory characters at the porn store.


Excerpts of Wizard Boots’ interview with
Music and Band Ezine’s, Paul Heingarten

Paul Heingarten: Who are your musical influences?
Chistopher Elsken: Jon Wayne….the band not the dead actor, The Butthole Surfers, Hawkwind, The Fall,  Royal Trux, The Cramps, Alice Donut, Prince, Hall & Oates, Hendrix, Zappa, The Frogs, James Brown and the supergroup Asia.

PH: What are your songs about?
CE: Life… love… loss… laughter… drinking… hallucinations…. dreams…. sex…. cereal.

PH:  What are your band’s goals?
CE:  To stay alive and keep doing this.


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