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Skeletons Cover-1

Love Songs For Skeletons – 2016

Wizard Boots storms the castle!   And then returns from a lengthy exile of reclusive recording sessions with a double album of improperly recorded music.  Untamed ideas and far out concepts prevail over aesthetic pleasantries on this one. Our second consecutive release to feature a cover painting by the great Nikai Birchler, and the hazy tone of the artwork reflects what a strange and murky period this was for the band.  Completely over the top with wild experimentation, LSFS is the sound of being down & out and having nothing to lose.


Bugger’s Banquet  – 2013

Recorded in the middle of the 2011 “Wizard Boots vs. Everything Tour” at Audioconfusion Studio in Mesa, Arizona and later finished at Project Garage Exile in Portland OR, this randy release takes the listener on a trip through a sick & twisted world.   Sinister stoner metal sludge… surf shenanigans … acid folk freakouts ….improper prog probings…. a loaded leather glove.  A definite fan favorite and high watermark of the catalog,  BB is the definitive sound of the band during a period where we were out playing live a lot.



 Five Years On Earth….An Improper History – 2012

A retrospective of fan favorites, choice rarities, remixed / remastered songs from the first two albums along with some new recordings.  The best of Wizard Boots from 2007-2012 …..and a perfect compilation of everything we had done in those five years.   Still highly improper though….


Ole’ Biscuit Barrel! – 2010

The legendary second album, recorded in the Boot Cave basement studio in Portland OR.  A glorious blast of fuzzed out clattering madness & bad behavior from boozed up barbarians.  Breaking glass!  Ass!  With just a touch of class.  Original 15 track CD with limited edition gate fold artwork by Infinity Arts.  Currently out of print.  (RIP cover model, Franka Bean)


Dandelion Blossoms – 2007

The debut album recorded in beautiful Northwest Arkansas with a bizarre gathering of  knob twiddlers and dong diddlers…a sonic documentation of the short lived Wizard Boots & The Horsehead Bookends era….Just a big ol’ broken hearted mess….mastered by the legendary KRAMER.  Previously available in 21 track limited original version and the 2009 Tour reissue.  Both are currently out of print.

Brewhaus “Nothing Good Can Come of This” -2017

Also available from Invisible Grizzly Agenda…..the debut and only album from these goth/prog troublemakers.  Featuring current Wizard Boots frontman, Christopher E. along with former Boots synth man Peter Herres and electrofreak mad scientist The Lounge Gizzard….this album is a blast of electronic impropriety…..layers of synths on top of absolute chaos and real time destruction in the studio.  Pure….dark…..evil….

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