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Bugger’s Banquet

Far Out Trip Into Outer Space Man…………..

Here at Wizard Boots….we shit where we want and we say what we want. So, right now I wanna say that it slipped my mind a few weeks ago to let y’all know that we have a far out new video for an unreleased bit of space rock from the I.G.A. archives. We recorded the […]

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Update on life in Wizard Boots…

So here we are in the year 2013 on planet Earth.  Since this band thrives on chaos, the ever impending threat of implosion and the zen of Nicolas Cage….it’s no surprise that occasionally we step back and look at everything we’ve done up until now and think about where it’s going from here.  Nostalgia…traditions….expectations…..these are […]

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Walk Like A Wizard

Invisible Grizzly Agenda presents the latest video from Wizard Boots….a slightly inappropriate tribute to the most beautiful Brianna Love. She’s like the goddamn Meryl Streep of adult cinema, so show some respect and watch it already. In other news….Wizard Boots will be returning to the stage on Saturday June 8th at The Tardis Room in NE […]

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“Bugger’s Banquet” available now!

  At last….after months of hard work, various setbacks, unfortunate circumstances, financial disasters, psychological breakdowns and other nonsense….our new album is now available.  CD version available directly from the band….but they’re very much a limited edition.  Shoot us an email if you’d like to purchase via mail.  You can get the digital album on Amazon, […]

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These Boots Were Made For Walking

Greetings fellow citizens of the universe!  The wild and wooly world of Wizard Boots rolls on…the stomp of the Crabbit’s mighty hooves never far behind.  Some recent developments:  Project Garage Exile is officially closed.  We got a lot of lovely madness recorded in two months at The Holladay House including a couple of outtakes from […]


Project: Garage Exile

So, you might be wondering what became of those nutty boys in the Wizard Boots band since they disappeared from the scene after the spring tour a couple of months ago.  Well….we’ve been living our lives….enjoying the parts that we enjoy and dealing with all the shit that keeps us from enjoying the above mentioned […]

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