Magical Musical Mayhem since 2005

New Album

Red Ships of Spain!

Hello folks!  Here at Wizard Boots we are very excited to announce that the recording process of our new record, “Red Ships of Spain and Other Tales of Adventure & Romance At Sea” is complete and we are currently in the mixing process as well as working with the Invisible Grizzly Agenda graphic design department […]

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Something’s Happening………

The world has gone mad….more so than usual.  In all of the mass hysteria, we try to continue our work.  Still so much we wish to do…..hopefully we’ll eventually get to most of it.  Speaking of getting to it, we’ve been quite busy getting down to it….recording a bunch of new stuff and dusting off […]

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Vibrations From Another Dimension

The band that just won’t die…..The band that can’t say why…..The band that continues to try.   Vibrations detected from the phantom dimension ruled by Wizard Boots.   Activity…. situations being created…..Sonic explorations…..various recordings coming together.  So what has the group been up to?  Honestly….until the New Year, not a lot.   BUT….now a few weeks into 2020, […]

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