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Ole’ Biscuit Barrel

Boots To The Future…

For a very limited time, get brand new FREE mp3 downloads from Wizard Boots!  Just click on the FREE MP3 DOWNLOADS button over to the right>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Ok…we’ve had plans for two different new albums that have been scrapped for now, but we are DEFINITELY going forward with plans to release a CD/digital download version of […]

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Get Yr Boots On

Hey hey-mo-Hey now!!! Dontcha wanna attend this fabulous International Rawk Summit?  What a lineup….Wizard Boots will be somewhere in there with our very good friends from across the river, The New Jangles (check out their new ep, The Hoax), Play/Start and all the way from Tel Aviv, Israel… TV Buddhas!  That’s next Sunday, Oct. 3rd…Backspace […]

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“Ole’ Biscuit Barrel!” now available!!!

Yesh…our brand new 2nd album is now available for yr aural pleasuring.   11 songs are up streaming on the Music page, so go have a listen whydon’tcha?  The limited edition CD’s with awesome unique cover packaging designed by the wizards of Infinity Arts are only $10.00 for mail order with no additional shipping charges for […]


New album on 9/14! Join us for an advance listen…

Invisible Grizzly Agenda is proud to announce the 9/14 release date for the brand new 2nd Wizard Boots album, “Ole’ Biscuit Barrel!”….join us the night before for an advanced listening, where you’ll be able to purchase a CD for only 5 bucks!  We’ll be at Maui’s (home of the best happy hour in Portland…just off […]

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I had a dream…

….and in this particular dream, I was a god…ruling over a primitive people on a large tropical island.   I lived in a huge volcano in the middle of the island (this is starting to sound like an old Star Trek episode…I know…) and was basically pretty decent to my little island folk….they always had plenty […]

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Take THAT, you white bitch!

This band of Booties are restless and continue on their summer rampage….even after drinking beers in the sun all day yesterday and an epic 2+ hours onstage last night.   A few bits of news….Boots ringleader, Christopher E. is interviewed by chief editor, Paul H. in the current issue of The Music & Band Ezine.  Here’s […]

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What’s going on here?

Although the Portland weather continues to remain cool, our summer is just starting to heat up!  Many situations and opportunities on the Boots radar, so we’ll get down to it…. First of all, the pre-release party for “Ole’ Biscuit Barrel!” (pronounced O-LAY…btw) was a wonderful success.  The expanded five-piece version of the band threw down […]

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It’s a brand new record for 2010!  Wizard Boots (Christopher, G-Funk, The Andi and Henchman 55) are currently hard at work on a brand new collection of songs to be released this spring on the label that just keeps on giving….Invisible Grizzly Agenda.  It will be called “OLE’ BISCUIT BARREL!” and thus far will definitely […]