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Between Tuesday and Thursday…

      So this Wednesday is the official start of WIZARD BOOTS WEDNESDAYS at the lovely Penguin Pub (8117 SE 17th Ave, Portland, OR)….this is what happens on the first Wednesday of each month when a deranged musical group is allowed to take over a quiet Portland establishment. .      Now, for those of you […]

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Now What?

The past has passed….bring on the beautiful future.  Our fabulously improper New Year’s Eve show was a smashing success….with only minor injuries and collateral damage.  We had so much goddamn fun, we’ll soon be announcing details for a once a month acoustic show at The Penguin Pub down here in the lovely Portland neighborhood of Sellwood.  […]

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Cult of The Crabbit U.S. Tour

Tuesday 4/24/12 – Larimer Lounge – Denver CO Wednesday 4/25/12 – Whiskey Dicks – Wichita KS Thursday 4/26/12 – The Newsroom – Kansas City MO Friday 4/27/12 – The Lightbulb Club – Fayetteville AR Saturday 4/28/12 – Hero’s – Fort Smith AR w/Free Toast Monday 4/30/12 – The Soundpony – Tulsa OK Wednesday 5/2/12 – […]

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On the horizon…2012

Time has finally caught up with us fellow earthlings…let’s all hope that the ancient Mayans were just joking, and that everyone in the present day comes to their senses and realizes what a wonderful world this could be if everyone stops being so afraid….so greedy….and so violent.  We are going to proceed hopefully with our […]

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Boots To The Future…

For a very limited time, get brand new FREE mp3 downloads from Wizard Boots!  Just click on the FREE MP3 DOWNLOADS button over to the right>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Ok…we’ve had plans for two different new albums that have been scrapped for now, but we are DEFINITELY going forward with plans to release a CD/digital download version of […]

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Occupy Yr World!!!

It’s YOUR WORLD after all right?  No one can tell you it’s not. New shows just added and NEW MUSIC too!  We recorded some wild tracks at Jalipaz Nelson’s Audio Confusion Studio in Mesa AZ while in the middle of the spring 2011 Wizard Boots vs. Everything Tour….recently finished the overdubs and mastering with our […]

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What Goes On…

The way forward is the only way….so what’s next for Wizard Boots?  Well….we have new music that will be recorded and released in some form or another….right now we’re trying to figure out if we’re doing a full album on CD or a shorter EP of songs on a VINYL RECORD.  What do you think?  […]

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Take THAT, you white bitch!

This band of Booties are restless and continue on their summer rampage….even after drinking beers in the sun all day yesterday and an epic 2+ hours onstage last night.   A few bits of news….Boots ringleader, Christopher E. is interviewed by chief editor, Paul H. in the current issue of The Music & Band Ezine.  Here’s […]

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