Magical Musical Mayhem since 2005

The New Janglels

Boots Over Autumn Leaves…

The fall colors of the pacific northwest hypnotize me…I feel like it’s Autumn in my mind as well….parts of your life have to die so new ones can come alive.  Feels very strange sometimes to be alive and aware of certain things.  But since backwards is not an option, we march forward….beyond the red and […]

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Get Yr Boots On

Hey hey-mo-Hey now!!! Dontcha wanna attend this fabulous International Rawk Summit?  What a lineup….Wizard Boots will be somewhere in there with our very good friends from across the river, The New Jangles (check out their new ep, The Hoax), Play/Start and all the way from Tel Aviv, Israel… TV Buddhas!  That’s next Sunday, Oct. 3rd…Backspace […]

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