Magical Musical Mayhem since 2005

To Become Only A Vibration

Something’s Happening………

The world has gone mad….more so than usual.  In all of the mass hysteria, we try to continue our work.  Still so much we wish to do…..hopefully we’ll eventually get to most of it.  Speaking of getting to it, we’ve been quite busy getting down to it….recording a bunch of new stuff and dusting off […]

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Vibrations From Another Dimension

The band that just won’t die…..The band that can’t say why…..The band that continues to try.   Vibrations detected from the phantom dimension ruled by Wizard Boots.   Activity…. situations being created…..Sonic explorations…..various recordings coming together.  So what has the group been up to?  Honestly….until the New Year, not a lot.   BUT….now a few weeks into 2020, […]

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Spring onward to Summer…

Our time out on the road has re-energized us and filled our heads and hearts with inspiration….we’re plowing through the rest of spring with a few live shows around Portland.  We’ll be playing with our good friends Empire Rocket Machine at The Red Room (2530 NE 82nd) next Friday April 29th…always a rowdy rock show […]

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Bring the Booly…

Wizard Boots joins a stellar line up of superb northwestern rock this Wednesday March 9th at The Someday Lounge in NW PDX….with Glass Elevator, The Pink Snowflakes and our good friends Empire Rocket Machine.  We’re debuting new songs from the work in progress third Wizard Boots album, “To Become Only A Vibration”

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