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Wizard Boots


So….in the middle of all the chaos and shenanigans of modern life, we have been here working away on various creative projects. Due to computers crashing and other failures of technology, the release of our new record has been pushed back until who knows when….BUT in the meantime we have some groovy new audio capabilities […]

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Red Ships of Spain!

Hello friends.  As it goes, we once again have good news and bad news. We are very excited to announce that the recording process of our new record, “Red Ships of Spain and Other Tales of Adventure & Romance At Sea” is complete.    This is sort of the first concept record we’ve done…..a sort […]

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Something’s Happening………

The world has gone mad….more so than usual.  In all of the mass hysteria, we try to continue our work.  Still so much we wish to do…..hopefully we’ll eventually get to most of it.  Speaking of getting to it, we’ve been quite busy getting down to it….recording a bunch of new stuff and dusting off […]

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Vibrations From Another Dimension

The band that just won’t die…..The band that can’t say why…..The band that continues to try.   Vibrations detected from the phantom dimension ruled by Wizard Boots.   Activity…. situations being created…..Sonic explorations…..various recordings coming together.  So what has the group been up to?  Honestly….until the New Year, not a lot.   BUT….now a few weeks into 2020, […]

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Back from the grave…..On the move….

Folks, I don’t need to tell y’all it’s been a long time since we were seen kicking up shit live on stage…..but I’m happy to report that we’re on our way back to being the wildest band in this here shithole town.   We’ve played a couple of under the radar gigs recently, we’re recording new […]

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If a Band Hides In The Forest…

What if a band seemed to disappear?  They were just here performing and recording music a minute ago and then they were just gone……for years.  Science has asked this question of falling trees with no one around to hear them, but what if the same logic applies to the band?   If a band hides in […]

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  Hey friends…..happy holidays!  We heard that it’s some sort of day for giving gifts or something…?   Well the company that just keeps on giving you great stuff has just released the first album from BREWHAÜS, “No Good Can Come Of This”.    This twisted trio of synth-strokers includes Wizard Boots commander Christopher E., experimental electro-freak […]

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The Most Wonderful Time of The Year

October may be my very favorite month, since it leads up to my favorite holiday (the only holiday as far as I’m concerned)…. Halloween. The boys and I have been working away on the first Brewhaüs album for a whole fucking year, but I’m glad that it’ll be done in time for a proper release […]

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Where are we?

  I know……we disappear for extended periods of time.   That’s because we are curious beings who are interested in living life…..and maybe learning a little something about life while we’re living the life.  We are still here and we are still a band.   Various side projects from all members are still unfolding.  The […]

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