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Wizard Boots


                                Ahhhh yes…..October.  Our favorite month….so what the hell?  We’ll come out and play a couple shows.  How ’bout this one?  We’ll be closing out the evening for this stellar display of impropriety.  Making their debut performance….BUKKAKE TSUNAMI (and I […]

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Meet the new Boots

And we’re back.  After a false start with a different line up, the band is back out there raising hell again.  The newest member of Wizard Boots is Veronica Aparico.  That’s right kids….we’ve got a real live married couple in the band.  Never saw that coming.  Our first show with the new line up was […]

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Arkansas Revisited

The rumors are true….I’m going back to Arkansas.  The company that can’t stop doing these kind of things, Invisible Grizzly Agenda presents a freak rock happening that is sure to freak your shit out.  I’ll be doing an epic solo performance along with a member of the extended Wizard Boots family, Mr. Jim Dick, and […]

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Now What?

The past has passed….bring on the beautiful future.  Our fabulously improper New Year’s Eve show was a smashing success….with only minor injuries and collateral damage.  We had so much goddamn fun, we’ll soon be announcing details for a once a month acoustic show at The Penguin Pub down here in the lovely Portland neighborhood of Sellwood.  […]

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Lost & Found

This image explains a bit about where we’ve been since abruptly disappearing last summer.  There have been delays and we’ve been using an alternate route….a route so twisted and dark…..we might have found an alternate route to the alternate route had we known where we were going.  But not knowing where you’re going is a […]

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Update on life in Wizard Boots…

So here we are in the year 2013 on planet Earth.  Since this band thrives on chaos, the ever impending threat of implosion and the zen of Nicolas Cage….it’s no surprise that occasionally we step back and look at everything we’ve done up until now and think about where it’s going from here.  Nostalgia…traditions….expectations…..these are […]

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New Shows…Stuff….Other Stuff.

So……more dirty rock action and unbridled hooliganism from your favorite freakpop freakout.  Our debut with the new power trio version of the Wizard Boots band was a gloriously improper celebration…..let’s let the good times roll on shall we?  We’ve just been confirmed to play  Barfly Magazine’s Anniversary BBQ!  It’s at the Tonic Lounge in Portland […]

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Meet The New Boots

Life goes on and so does Wizard Boots….our new bassist is the fantastic Joel “Whitey Ted” Whited.  We will be making our debut with the new line up on Saturday June 8th at The Tardis Room in NE Portland.  Joel’s other band, Iron Lightbulbs will be opening the show.  Other shows, situations and shenanigans coming […]

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Walk Like A Wizard

Invisible Grizzly Agenda presents the latest video from Wizard Boots….a slightly inappropriate tribute to the most beautiful Brianna Love. She’s like the goddamn Meryl Streep of adult cinema, so show some respect and watch it already. In other news….Wizard Boots will be returning to the stage on Saturday June 8th at The Tardis Room in NE […]

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