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Wizard Boots vs. Everything 2011 U.S. Tour

Spring Tour Dates Announced…

That’s right America…get ready to get ready…..the freakpop warlords of the northwest might just be coming to your town.  Invisible Grizzly Agenda presents the WIZARD BOOTS vs. EVERYTHING 2011 U.S. TOUR!!! A few dates are still to be announced as far as venues go….we’ll post them on the Upcoming Shows page as they become official….the […]


Boots Up Yr Holidays…

It’s the most ridiculous time of the year….more silliness, crass materialism and suicide than all other months combined…how merry!  But this year you should definitely wait until January to kill yourself…or even better, hold on for one more year…2011 might be fun!  Wizard Boots is all over the place this December…starting with a killer evening […]

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